If you’re on Twitter, you may have met J.P. Lane. The Jamaican born author claims there’s hardly a day she’s not on her favorite social media site chatting with people all over the world. Having traveled extensively and lived in a few countries, she tends to think of herself as a world citizen. That outlook is reflected in her debut novel, The Tangled Web, which jets between London, Prague, New York, Colombia and the Caribbean - all of which she's visited except Colombia. 

Even if her stories travel around the world, J.P. says she's settled down somewhat. After a twenty year stint in Miami where she was an award-winning writer for The Miami Herald's ad team, she now lives off the beaten path in rural north Florida. "You don't get more laid back than rural north Florida," she says, though she admits the last way to describe her is laid back. Like a lot of Indie authors, she works long hours. She confesses the only time she relaxes for any extended period is when she flies to Jamaica, throws herself on her favorite beach and empties her mind. "It's just the sea and me and nothing else in the world," she says. "I don't even think about writing."

J.P. is also a history buff and a former fashion designer, so it's not surprising her choice of subject for her blog is fashion history. For more fashion goodies, check out her 'Fashion Throughout The Ages' board on Pinterest.

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